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The Wisdom Machine

This song is by Need and appears on the album The Wisdom Machine (2006).

Now I see
With my soul bruised I walk
Crippling on and on
How betrayed we are from our own device

Hope dies last in a perfect world
And I keep on dreaming of her eyes
And all that is making me linger on
Is someday breathing her hair again

What's this? I can't see
Is it a god or a demon?
Now it's got hold of me
Showing me things that I dare not see

The waking of my life was bathed in pain
Dawn was so alone
The coming of my youth was cloaked in fear
As they pierced my will

The entering of pleasures was so blunt
My end of innocence
I looked for the all answers in a glass
Better there then in my sober cage

Spare me
Don't you dare tell me
To whom I should pray
For I am the master of my loss

A river of truth drinks my pain
Proving me my dreams were all in vain
And I'm about to pay for deeds foreseen
Surrendering my dreams to the machine

Still stitching together the pieces of my mind
Still stitching together the pieces of my kind
Still stitching together the pieces of my life
Still stitching together the pieces of my strife

My dreams were sacrificed for all your needs
I craved for space to breathe
The strength to differentiate wore thin
A fight I could not win

The answers to all this became so vague
Imploded on myself lost in a haze
It pretty much appeared I chose my path
Left hand madness till my last

Half of my life was wasted
Upon this stupid farce
My tree of life was rotten
Had to leave at last

It's clear to me now that I am the exile of dreams
I'm dying alive, a demon with wings
I crave for a conscience that's mute, the judgment within
Forever I'm baptized in the sin of machine
I'm blind, I'm blind I seek for the light
I crave, I crave for redemption and sight

My soul had become veiled
When my mind had prevailed
My image was fading
Denying, avenging

We sentient dolls must pay the toll
The age is growing thin on our plastic skin
We'll burn for our desire in acid fire
Come on let's choke our dreams

I sought for an ending
To stop all this turning
This circle of bleeding
It rapes all my being

So sick and tired of all the silence
I want to feel free I seek to be free
My eyes have been opened
I just long for a chance to see

Devoured and wasted from all this hatred
I've played with reason to suffer wisdom
I hear the voice inside
I have to make my choice

Wondrous it seems how our life walks before us
In circles we bleed when mistakes walk among us

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