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The White Tunnel

This song is by Need and appears on the album The Wisdom Machine (2006).

Alone I walk through the gardens of truth
A twisted path where black water rules
I follow the light but still in the abyss I crawl
Reaching out for hands to help me with my fall

Soothing light suicide x2

Licking traces of borrowed light
Slowly sinking in the abyssal walls
A luminous flux is marching forth
Leaving me crumbs to help the crawl

Drifting minds of the darkest kind
Soul-o-tron narcotics set for fledgling minds
Hell whispers softly and she makes me yearn
While heaven beats me bluntly to purify my shell

And on I march

Falling, struggling, walking, yearning

The white light blinds me all I wished for are a load of lies

Believe, believe, believe you can be saved

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