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The Kings of Zion/The Queens of Gehenna (2013)

Necropsyk - The Kings of Zion The Queens of Gehenna

The Kings of Zion/The Queens of Gehenna

  1. A Parenthesis in Eternity (featuring Austin Baird)
  2. Tainted Soil
  3. Anima Corrupti
  4. The Queens of Gehenna
  5. The Crimson Carnival
  6. The Kings of Zion
  7. A Spark of Retribution
  8. Cycilia: Act 2 (The End) (featuring Liiaiira)
  9. The Queens of Gehenna (Dawn of Ashes Remix)

The Hell of Icarus

Necropsyk - The Hell of Icarus

The Hell of Icarus

  1. Calamity Trigger
  2. Subcell System Terranova
  3. The Fall of Icarus
  4. A Calling Ungodly
  5. Tactikal Reassesment
  6. Lull of Valentine and Valkyrie
  7. Children of the Night
  8. We the Keepers of Fate
  9. The Black Plague
  10. Optivus Callixtus
  11. Rebirth of a Nightmare
  12. Subcell System (Lazarus Remix)
  13. Children of Nightmare (Nfektr Remix)
  14. We the Keepers of Fate (Terminal Reactor Remix)
  15. Furunkel Lolita by :wumpscut: (Necropsyk Remix)
  16. Bring Forth the Apocalypse
  17. The Black Infinity

The Chaos Breed (2014)

Necropsyk - The Chaos Breed

The Chaos Breed

  1. The Fifth Paradox
  2. Divergent Menagerie
  3. I Am Sovereign
  4. Sempiternal Hunger
  5. The Chaos Breed
  6. Gamma
  7. The Land of Failed Dreams
  8. Parasitic Revival
  9. The First King
  10. The Resurrectionist
  11. Misanthropic Existence
  12. The Stygian Void
  13. These Vacant Whispers
  14. Elysium Injections
  15. The Persephone Ascension
  16. 2.718
  17. A Spark of Retribution II (You Will Suffer)
  18. Gamma (Alternate Version)

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