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It's Not That Easy

This song is by Nazz and appears on the album Nazz III (1970).

I know you think I've done something wrong
I'm only trying to see myself through your eyes
And put myself where I belong
You think I'm hurting, I can't make you see
I can't love you when the person you love isn't me

I can't stop feeling, my heart still feels like before
How can I tell you to make you see what I mean
I couldn't mean it anymore
If I could see you I'd try to explain
You're my heart's life, it can't take the pain
I'm alive - keep me alive

I'm not the guy that you think I'll turn out to be
You knew somebody with love too easy to say
But girl you know that isn't me
It's not that easy to say I'm in love
Till it's something we both are sure of
If you want me to say I'm in love
Make it something we both are sure of

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