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Throw It Up

This song is by Naughty By Nature.

Mama don't cry for me,
Papa don't feel bad,
Cold on the street better gotta keep my bang to the bang back.

But I got my hood, my city, my brothers, (my) family

That's all I have yeah, oh

Father if you still listen,
We hope our friends make it up to heaven,
And if we fall, then we forgotten,
Don't let our little brothers grow up like we did

Let them grow up and get a job,
Don't let them grow up behind bars,
Tryna' be hard, oh father can you

(Rest will come)


Written by:

Terence Abney; Anthony Criss; Angelo Ty-qan Ross; Christopher Mapp; Keir Gist; Robert Lyndell Lewis; Dontae Winslow

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