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Core Pride

This song is by NateWantsToBattle.

This song is a cover of "CORE PRIDE" by UVERworld.
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Yeah, okay
In life we always will do as we wish
In a black box in your head, is that bliss?
You're crossing the line. Exceed your limit
Let's go, take a step and I mean this minute

Life's a bitch and we all know that
If it's easy then you're not trying
Now stop
Which way's the right way to turn?
Just ignore it go wherever yea here we go

There are things that we can't have
Things that will all fade away
Is there a reason that I must push my heart upon them? (Oh)
You know I never tried to understand
I force it all to go my way
I'm no better than those who put me down

When I can't keep dreams and life apart
You can't put out the fire in my heart
Black clouds above me now will rain on me
They want me to be the same
But I know I'm gonna have to change
Even if I go through hell
I know that I'll change myself
This is all my pride
It's what I'm made of deep inside

The fire that burns within my heart
Will never be put out
I'll always fight, I'll never stop
I can't be stopped
Oh baby my pride

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