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Take Time To Love Her

This song is by Nat Stuckey and appears on the album Take Time To Love Her/I Used It All On You (1973).

Take time to love her for days at home and nights alone
Are the kind of the things that she can't understand
Take time to love her or someone else who has more time
Will come along and take her off your hands

When's the last time you took her out and danced with her till morning
And set her pretty roses the way you used to do
There was a time when you took time to show her she was wanted
But have you show her lately how much she means to you

Take time to love her...

How long since you called her up without a special reason
And told her that you thought of her cause love was on your mind
How long since you bought her gifts when there was no occasion
To let her know that her love grows sweeter all the time

Take time to love her...

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