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Project Roach

This song is by Nas and appears on the album Untitled (2008).

(Man talking)
It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word n***** when the actions continue we need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and sisters not a funeral for n*****s cause n*****s don't die

(Verse 1) [Nas]
Ugh yeah yo I'm creepy and crawling
In your sink and your toilet
I'll be drinking from your spit
Anything 'cause I'm more less an insect with 4 legs
People come and I fake dead
Correction I got 8 legs
Climbin on top your plate bed
Where ever I smell food
It could even be jail food
Stale food that's molded
A roach is what I am fool
The ghetto is my land fool
I'm a never be able to fly like a bumblebee

Try not to be underneath
Your sneaker
Pitiful creature
I'm not afraid of your pesticide
Or Raid
Cause in heavens my creator
I love it when the lights off
Eating from same knives forks
From any man's dinner
See my antennas
You can't win
You can't stand the crunchy sound I make if you squash me
Learn to live with me
How much your roast ? costing
You and the city
But yo we everywhere
Check your house 'cause I bet we there

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