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This song is by Nas and appears on the album I Am (1999).

'Cause'I'am whatever you say I am if I wasn't then why would I say I am in
The radio the news everyday I am -i don't know but that's just the way I am

I'm so sick and tired of being admired that I just wish that I would die or get
Just stop with the lables and stop the the fragles I'm tired yes I'm so tired
Of hearing my name oh my name wherever I go I just can't sit or relax when I'm
Eating with my daughter so peacefully
Iam whatever you say I am if I wasn't then why wuold I say I am in the paper
The news everyday I am I don't know that's just the way I am

And they ask the same f... question what school do I go to
What hood I grew up in and the why and the where and it's freeking me out
I'm grabing my hair when I'm spitting it out and I'm losing my patience I can't
Take it I'm covering my ears and I'm thankful for everyfan that I get, but i
Can't take a s... in the bathroom without someone standing by it


  • one of many "Intros" by Nas

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