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Metaphorically Screw You

This song is by Napalm Death and appears on the album Apex Predator - Easy Meat (2015).

All you can eat,
On all you can feast
All that can be really
Cheaply played
All a noise of nothing
But scheming
You are deftly swayed,
Vigorously splayed

Metaphorically screw you

All you can eat,
On all you can feast
Tongue-lashed till you're
Fucking swayed
There's a sea of impenetrable
Jargon to submerge
Those pauper's graves

If you please in triple-speak
- A clammy helping global hand
What it means in triple speak:
Yanked down a yawning crevasse

All you can eat, on all you can feast,
You're crammed with triple-speak
Not a trickle through the floodgates
The dumping ground of fabled
Inclusion can't dissuade
The deftly swayed

Based on need in triple speak
They've metaphorically screwed you

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