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Anywhere, USA

This song is by Napalm Beach and appears on the album Moving To And Fro (1986).

Anywhere, usa

Listen to the man on the record player
He's talking about something for me
Travel with your mind
Yeah, I'm gonna set myself free

Goin' on a long vacation
Gonna be a fantasy
Travel all across the nation
Don't know where I'll be
Don't know where I'll stay

Send a letter, Anywhere, USA
Now you gotta wish me well
Might not see you again

Living in that old hotel
With my suitcase and my friend
Gotta stop and catch a bite
Haven't had a thing all day
Waitress won't you fill my cup
Is this Anywhere, USA?

45 miles to the Big City
What am I gonna do once I get there?
Can't do much without a lot of money
Don't know anybody anywhere
What I'm gonna do? what I'm gonna do?

We'll just stop at points of interest
We've come a long, long way
Pick me up a souvenir
Something from Anywhere, USA

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