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We Are The Shit

This song is by Naked Luigi and appears on the album ¡Nake! (2015).

If you thought that Naked Luigi was finished with this rap shit
Your boys are coming back with another classic
Ask me who my boys are - Jimmy and Will
Luigi's not too friendly to me but I fuck still
Pill poppin' pussies pushing poetry for prophets
Luigi's dick is naked but you better hop off it
No we never lost it, so drop your coins
Before Luigi busts a nut inside his feathery loins
I been around the world, don't speak the language
But Luigi don't need explainin'
This shit is second nature, he's first in command
And when he's feeling sore I rub his anal gland
With no glove, that's where he and I differ
Our dicks are the same length, except his is stiffer
He'll never look me in the eyes, to him I am dust
I'm gonna hand it to the boys, they've got some nuts to bust

I wanna take this time to say a quick prayer (just a short one)
I wanna eat Luigi's pubic hair (every last one)
Luigi in the cut! Fuck are you? Fuck with us
Double downin' like Breen, deuces up, we some sluts
Shouts out to Marcel, RIP A. Graham Bell
This shit's already classic, how'd I know? You can tell
Got my plaques on the wall, savin' space for a Grammy
Nah fuck that, I'mma stack my bands and buy all of Miami
Shouts out to my brother Bill Brown he's engaged
But honestly I want Luigi too, I'm enraged

Playin' in cream with a diamond ring
Celebrate life, cop each other more bling
Lyin' in the sun with an ice cold beer
He turns to me and says "have no fear"
My dick's like a pen, it won't run out of ink
Fuck till the dawn when we start to stink
Gotta get married, so we always stay true
Both of us got stiff dicks, bitch, do you?
That's right! And I won't cause trouble
Never do drugs, so we fuck on the double
Got a pussy on the side? That's not me
Luig is enough to make to make the dick bleed
Let's go! California sun
Takes me back to the days when I fucked a nun
She a fine-ass bitch with the world behind her
But life ain't shit but a big green dick
Tell me about Luigi, tell me stories
I'll send the dick pics, I'll get the glory
The green man's my bitch till death do us part
Until the end of time, he'll have my heart

We're the shit
We are the shit

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