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This song is by Naked Luigi and appears on the album ¡Nake! (2015).

Tired of the clubs and I'm tired of the dancing
Tired of feeling blue
Screw the hangover, I miss Luigi
Tell him my love is true

Thoughts come to me at night
I need a place to be
Luigi was my life
He was my naked cream
I want to reconcile
I want to hold him tight
Kirby's just a side bitch
Luigi, be my wife

I cherish you
I treasure you
I adore you
You know that I need you
I was foolish then
But I'm wiser now
Did some soul searching
To thee I solemnly vow
Until death do us part
To have to hug and to hold
I want to be your wife
If I may be so bold
I know this is going sort of fast
But I just want you to see
Despite all the hurt and the pain
You're the only one for me

I waited for your dick the whole night
You never gave me what I needed from you
But now I've got the strength to recognize
My green man
Luigi, now's the time to listen
I looked inside myself and I'm a failure
Tell me what to do and I'll be there
Let's do anal

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