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Mach Tornado

This song is by Naked Luigi and appears on the album ¡Cream! (2014).

Back in the club and Luigi's got the booze
Try to fuck with us and you'll make the news
I'm slutty with the hoes but you know I got style
I rep my main boy 'cause he's got a cute smile
You didn't hear wrong, Luigi's got a great smile
I swear to fuckin' God, man, he's got a great smile
I don't have to worry 'bout Luigi on a trial
'Cause even in the prison, he's hella fertile
You can doubt my boy, but he's pretty homicidal
Bitches on the street tell me "find him in the Bible"
Hangin' on a cross, he'll be waitin' for revival
Bitch mob

You know my man Luigi lusts after Daisy
Sometimes I think that he's goin' crazy
Say, "forget the babes, it's time to get wavy"
Next thing you know, we're feelin' pretty hazy
Sittin' in the pickup truck, blastin' Brad Paisley
Cops rollin' up and I don't even give a shit
'Cause you know the pigs are all faggot hypocrites
So I split the scene and start trippin' off the lean

Puh-puh for-for breakfast, that's how I start my day
My dick is a pen, it's written all over her face
I put my tongue in her mouth, I make them puh lips drool
She got that junk in her trunk, you know I like junk food
I tell her like this, life is good, your puh better
I put on that magnum, like a gold medal
And if it's sweet then Imma eat it till I get sugar diabetes
I'm a blood and she anemic

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