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Iced Out / Coked Out

This song is by Naked Luigi and appears on the album ¡Nake! (2015).

Wake up, get my cake up like Ralph Nader
Time to bust out my shell and get faded
Real talk, it's gettin' like X-Files
I walk into the club and the place screams "I wanna believe in you!"
'Cause you're handsome and too good for Luigi
Saw him on Tuesday, we swore he looked like Dave Duchovny
But I wanna keep positive, just keep dancin'
Get my dick sucked, make sure I keep romancin'
My dick is getting wealthy like I'm reading Wealth of Nations
'Cause she sucks my dick in Kansas and we named our daughter Frances
I'm the boss like Hugo or King Koopa
Hold court with the shotgun like a state trooper

I can hear your allegations that I'm hiding from emotions
But I know that I myself cannot accept relations
With a bitch who covers up the truth with lies
Hurts the ones that I love best, so be blessed

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