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Creamy Karaoke

This song is by Naked Luigi and appears on the album ¡Nake! (2015).

This song contains samples from…
Come on!

Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't wanna nation under the new mania

Cute face chubby waist
Greg Toing in your face
Get ready to get real
You know we're the breast
Bitches see me in the club
You know we are human breasts
We out here smoking L's
I am just one breast

Luigi wants to party all the time
I just want to weegee all the time

Lovin' Luigi is complicated
Man you got me feelin' so aggravated
I wanna make sure that you feel hated
'Cause the shit you put me through left me wasted
Try to forget the pain, I stay faded
Can't run away from the past, I'm frustrated
Losing faith in myself, I'm so jaded
I wish loving Luigi didn't have to be complicated

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Luigi
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Luigi
Though we never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Luigi

And I'm the reason why Luigi is leavin'
I tell him I love him, he doesn't think that I mean it
I wish I could prove to him what he really means to me
If only I could, maybe then he would see
That he lights up my world like a fuckin' parade
Luigi I mean this for real, it's not a fuckin' charade
I was under a lot of stress but that doesn't excuse the fact
That I treated the love of my life like vanilla extract
I just hope I can get through this with my soul intact
'Cause the way I'm feelin' now you'd swear I was on crack
Blood and cyanide running through my intestinal tract
As I OD I hear the words echo out, I'm-a back

Hold up, rewind the clock, is this really the end?
I still have some time, let's just make amends
If I lose you, then I lose my very best friend
And if I let that happen then I'll have to descend
Into the gates of hell.
But then again, It feels like I'm already there...
Not to mention, your dick is gigantic. Way bigger than Lakitu's.
Please, Luigi. take me back. I love you.
Your boy, Will Brown

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