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Burning Bridges (1983)

Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

  • Released in UK as Burning Bridges, Released in US as Naked Eyes
  1. Voices In My Head
  2. I Could Show You How
  3. A Very Hard Act To Follow
  4. Always Something There To Remind Me
  5. Fortune And Fame
  6. Could Be
  7. Burning Bridges
  8. Emotion In Motion
  9. Low Life
  10. The Time Is Now
  11. When The Lights Go Out
  12. Promises, Promises

Fuel for the Fire (1984)

Naked Eyes - Fuel For The Fire

Fuel For The Fire

  1. (What) In The Name Of Love
  2. New Hearts
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Eyes Of A Child
  5. Once Is Enough
  6. No Flowers Please
  7. Answering Service
  8. Me I See In You
  9. Flying Solo
  10. Flag of Convenience

Everything And More (2002)

Naked Eyes - Everything And More

Everything And More

  1. Promises, Promises (Jellybean 7" Mix)
  2. Always Something There To Remind Me (Tony Mansfield 12" Mix)
  3. Promises, Promises (Tony Mansfield 12" Mix)
  4. What) In the Name of Love (Arthur Baker 12" Mix)
  5. Sacrifice (Arthur Baker 12" Mix)
  6. Promises, Promises (Jellybean 12" Mix)
  7. Pit Stop
  8. Sweet Poison
  9. Once Is Enough
  10. Answering Service
  11. (What) In the Name of Love (Byrne/Fisher Mix)
  12. Making Waves
  13. Communication Without Sound
  14. Me I See In You
  15. Remote Control

Fumbling With The Covers (2007)

Naked Eyes - Fumbling With The Covers

Fumbling With The Covers

  1. When The Lights Go Out
  2. Rocket Man
  3. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
  4. Cry Baby Cry
  5. Promises, Promises
  6. Man Out Of Time
  7. Sad Lisa
  8. King Bee
  9. Little Wing
  10. Always Something There To Remind Me

Other Songs

  1. If I Can't Make You Mine
  2. Victims Of Fact

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