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Independence Day

This song is by Na'Shay.

Ooh yeah
Yeah wha?
It's time for us to celebrate

I've waited far too long
To let you know the truth
Your Mr. Right is wrong for you (you gotta know)
He's not the shining star
You used to talk about
It's hard to see when the lights gone out hey

Don't you cry
Dry your eyes
Wipe your tears away
It's time for you to celebrate
Your independence day

You should leave him (walk out that door)
Here's your reason (you deserve more)
Maybe we can (go celebrate your)
Independaence day (independence day)
Why you stayin? (when you know for sure)
He's been playing (don't take no more)
Here's your freedom (let's celebrate your)
Independence day (independence day)
Stop waiting...

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