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I Get It Started

This song is by Mystikal and appears on the album Tarantula (2001).

Redman: Yo, I need to wait
Mystikal: Tarantula, tarantula, boof!, handle yo' bidness
Then nigga
Redman: Mystikal waddup nigga!
Mystikal: Whaa', wassup dog!
Method Man: Funk Doctor in this mother-fucker
Redman: Right he-eere
Method Man: And I'm shitty ass Meth, and we gone do what
The fuck we gotta do

(Chorus: Mystikal)
I get it started for you, I get it started for you
Soon as I get'cha 'cause I know that you was waitin' for me
I get it started for you, I get it started for you
Soon as I get'cha 'cause I know that you was waitin' for me

(Method Man)
Yo, yo, yo...
If school was pussy, I wouldn't miss a day
Big John Jay slay around the way, fish fillet
Taste the truth, ay' no more lies like ***MICHEL'LE***
Keep my kids frost like they was born in east L.A.
Told yo' buy yo' weed by the ounce, twins lets bi-dounce
That shit they talkin' don't add up, I say what get down
Can't stop drop, can't flock, most of all I can't stop
Wreck my hand-cuffs and fightin' bullies in the sandbox
Method-cal, Mystikal, Oh yeah that's my man Doc'
***WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHIN'***, WHA!, hit you with the lamb
Throw 'em up, slow 'em up, ***LIGHT*** the wic blow 'em up
Chick showin' butt, half of y'all ain't even ***OLD
'Cause I'm, I'm comin' dirty like duzum
Come on, like Buzz Lightyear let's get our buzz on
The ladies in the club, like "where the dollars at?"
They babies be at home like "where my momma at?"

When the twins track on, you can't talk you bark on it
Doc ***SHOW OFF*** on it, sometimes get lost on it
America's Most No Time ***MY CAR WARMIN'***
Timberland's and Nike Air's in the fog runnin'
We job huntin', with no I.D.'s
Plus my ***PUMP*** carry all the minerals I need
I'ma flow top speed, my crew fight it out
Like in-door ***HOCKEY***, it's war when I bleed
Sugar come here, throw that ass in the air
I leave blood guts and, broken glass everywhere
I write with "bear" hands, but I'm a gorrilla
Broke out the zoo, with Mystikal and my nigga
Fuck y'all ***FERARRI***, I'm inside of a ***RENTER***
With fat chicks arguing, Who's body is bigger?
I'ma get my smoke on, I'ma get my freak on
Rims get they poke on, here's some more dope to choke on

I get it started for you, Soon as I get'cha cause
I know that you was waitin' for me, I know that you was
Waitin' for me
So when you come you better, have your fuckin' back cause

You know it could get ugly for me, you know it could get
Ugly for me
I tried to tell you but your ass didn't want to ***HEAR
ME*** so bitch
Now I got to show you somethin', now I got to show you
It's capital M-Y-S-T-I-K-A-L you mother-fucker, L you
No pussy my ***TEMPER BAD***, no weed or my nerves shot, no
Money no concert concert
You don't get no deposit back, many niggas done handled dat
Who in the fuck is you playin' wit', playin' wit'
I'm sorry it can't change, you probably can't hang
The sounds are like, HEY!
I rap fast and kick ass, and gits mad
Mystikal, Redman, Method Man, nigga Yeah!

Whoo! Freestyle session nigga
I'm jumpin' the mother-fuckin' south if you ain't hype,

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