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Life Is Nothing For Me

This song is by My Sixth Shadow and appears on the album 10 Steps 2 Your Heart (2003).

Don't you try to change me
I wanna live my way
Don't try to help me
I don't need your cures
Don't try to save me
I like to stay on the edge
Of this darken well
Where I'm goin' to fall

Yeas I fall
On and on
Day by day
You know I'm softly fadin'
I need to fall
On and on
Until' I lose my self away

Life's nothing for me
And there's nothing I feel
Life's too much for me
Is too hard to live
Life's nothing for me
And I've never asked for this

There's nothing wrong inside me
Like someone else within
Just a costant kind of sadness
That doesn't make me live
Such a will of self destruction
That none maybe know
Like the depth of a darken well
Where I'm goin' to fall

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