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This song is by My Sixth Shadow and appears on the album Love Fading Innocence (2005).

(Music: Vic, Dave; lyrics: Dave)

Hold me
Enslaved me
And catch me in your dark embrace
Watch me
I'm begging to you
All the dreams that you have

I'm bleeding for you

All I know
Is that you're taking me
Into your dark world
All I want
Is the satisfaction
Of your black blood
All I've done
Is another step in you
Because now
I belong to you forever

Take me
Enslave me
And kill me in your dark embrace
Watch me
I'm bleeding for you
And give you all the dreams that I had

I'm dying for you

It's all gone
In a hidden part beneath your dark world
It's all lost
In a drowning fall into your black blood
It's all done
Just another step in you
From now on
I'll belong to you forever

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