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Compilation by various artists.

Volume 2

  1. Tell It to Me by Grant Brothers & Their Music
  2. Little Sadie by Clarence Ashley
  3. Bad Luck Dice by Clifford Gibson
  4. Way up on Clinch Mountain by Jilson Setters
  5. Frankie by Dykes Magic City Trio
  6. Canned Heat Blues by Tommy Johnson
  7. Got the Jake Leg Too by Ray Brothers
  8. Country Blues by Dock Boggs
  9. Kentucky Blues by Little Hat Jones
  10. Prisoner's Dream by The Allen Brothers
  11. John Hardy by Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman
  12. Better Leave That Stuff Alone by Will Shade
  13. Way Down the Old Plank Road by Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee
  14. The Fate of Talmedge Osborn by Ernest Stoneman & Kahle Brewer
  15. Viola Lee Blues by Cannon's Jug Stompers
  16. Rock House Gamblers by Cleve Chaffin And The McClung Brothers
  17. Dupree Blues by Blind Willie Walker
  18. All Bound Down by Haywood County Ramblers
  19. Low Down Rounder Blues by Peg Leg Howell
  20. Stack-o-Lee by Fruit Jar Guzzlers
  21. My Crime Blues by Barefoot Bill
  22. Jesse James by Ken Maynard
  23. Chain Gang Special by Watts & Wilson

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