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What's Mine Is Yours

This song is by MxPx and appears on the album Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (1998).

As soon as I figured out that you wouldn't be there
As soon as I figured out that you didn't care
I try to do what's right, I try to keep an open mind
I try to do what's right, but your so unkind

You don't own me
They've abolished slavery
And I can't wait for the day when things
Turn around
You don't own me,
They've abolished slavery
There's conciseness for your actions
I know 'cause I'm paying for mine now

The piece of paper you have says that you
Can get into my pocket
But you can't get inside my heart or my mind or
My head
Money doesn't mean to me what it obviously
Means to you
'Cause I would never steal from kids that don't
Have a clue

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