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Spring Break It Down

This song is by Muscle Milk.

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(Guy 1)

We're on Spring Break
Spring Breakin' it down
Sippin' on some Muscle Milk
And headin' to a beach town

(Guy 2)
I'm primed,
I'm ready

(Guy 1)
But wait,
Before we get reckless
Gotta look in the mirror
And go over our check-list

(Guy 2)
Oh yeah

(Guy 1)
My arms are ridiculous (ridiculous)
My legs are ridiculous (ridiculous)
(Guy 2)
My abs all tight like they ready for the biziness
(Guy 1)
And now I gotta give myself a couple of kissesses
Mm mm, oh yeah, Me.

What we be doin' womens?
Spring Breakin' it down
And pumpin our fists
Met two girls last night
And had a three-way kiss
Spring Breakin' it down
Spring Break like "what?"
Tell my girl what I did last night
And then we Spring Break-up

(Guy 1)
I meet some ladies
Lie about my career (I'm a professional executive)
(Guy 2)
Don't worry about me
I'm just reading King Lear
(Guy 1)
I was voted "Dopest Fauxhawk of two thousand and six".
Flash my bling,
Flex my guns,
And then I steal your chicks.

(Guy 2)
What happened last night?
Did I wax my chest?
I think I came third
In a wet t-shirt contest

(Guy 1)
Yo, Spring Break's resickulous
I'm never sad
I funnel drinks
(Guy 2)
I miss my Dad (my Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad)

What we be doin' dads?
Spring Breakin' It Down
And pumpin' our fists
(Guy 2)
I should probably see a doctor
When I get home from this trip
Spring Breakin' It Down
Check out my dance moves
(Guy 2)
I need to find a Chinese dude
To translate my tattoos

(Guy 3)
The Spring Break Down!
This ain't a dream dawg,
But in case I forget
I got a t-shirt with my face
Air-brushed on a sun-set.
Ladies, you be lovin' me
I bathe in body-spray.
When I'm down in Florida
I'm crunkin' with a Man-i-tay [Manatee] What!

(Guy 1)
Dolin' out sunblock
Like you's a charity-case
(Guy 2)
I fell asleep in the sun
Now look at my face!
(Guy 1)
I'm an eighth-year senior
Still know how to get wild
So what if I'm 30
And stuck in denial?

I'm out on the water
The wind's in my sail
(Guy 2)
This is the greatest trip ever
I'm in a Mexican jail

Can't wait for the next break
Can't come too soon
Panama city,
Daytona, Cabo, Cancun,
Spring Break (Spring Break)

(Guy 1)
I'll Spring Break anywhere
(Guy 2)
Yeah man, Toledo
(Guy 1)
(Guy 2)
(Guy 1)
DeMoines in the house
(Guy 2)
(Guy 2)
[Vietcas?], Minnesota.

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