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Power Moves

This song is by Mr. 3-2 and appears on the album A Bad Azz Mixtape: V (2005).

(Feat. Big Pokey, D'Capo, Quest)

Mr. 3-2:
No more playing, a nigga on some grown folks shit
Big house big car, and a brand new bitch
I'm equipped to produce, whatever boys need
Had to broaden my horizons, in order to succeed
If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense
All that procrastinating, can't pay my rent
So I handle up, set my goals
Plot on a mission, in a minute heavy sold
Bolted down, put my plan in order
If it don't benefit, motherfucker don't bother
I'm a starter, nigga never rode the bench
Always took it all, when niggaz were in the ditch
Give an inch, and I'ma take ten yards
Hustle today, stack some'ing for tomorrow
By far, I'ma always get mine
Nigga day G, all about my grind

(Power moves), I pry to put in position
(Power moves), man I'm on this mission
(Power moves), can't make no mistakes
I'm a big old dude, gotta have a full plate

I'm hungry like a hostage in Iraq, with a pistol
To his head, boy I need that bread
I'm bout to get fed nigga, like a pig eating slop
Every nook and crannie, I'm swallowing every drop
See me in a drop, with a 4-4
Tipping fo' 4's, sipping on fo' times fo'
I ain't never been a hoe, I'm power moves supreme
Your hoe got do', I'm in her face getting green

I'm making power moves, ain't no time for a hour snooze
I'ma show you, why the cowards lose
I'ma show you how the rocks, and the flowers move
Keep the place treating they face, plenty powder to tool
Trying to see stacks, tall as Mutumbo
Couple pounds of weed, couple ki's stashed off in the condo
Busting heat tall, as Wade in one
So what it be if I don't get paid pronto, from my motherfucking

Big Pokey:
Power moves, dog I gotta get mine
When it come to my daughter, daddy got to get down
Ten toes on the ground, nuts touching the curb
Get your money fuck being broke, that shit for the birds
Everytime I look up, it's the first or the third
Don't call my phone, 'less you wanna verse or a bird
It's pimping over here, put your purse on the curb
So I could take the day off, streets working my nerves
I'm pulling tricks, from my sleeve out
First class when I leave out, chain make a nigga pull his ski's out
I want that four car garage, pulling the V's out
Now snatching car covers off, pulling 3's out
I want that to get money, I be trying to stay clean
My daughter'll caught flipping, until she get 18
I'ma mash for my dream, act a ass bout my cake
And every day that I awake'n, I'ma try to make some motherfucking

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