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My Daddy (R.I.P.)

This song is by Mr. 3-2 and appears on the album The Governor (2001).

(Feat. Marilyn)

Rest In Peace, to my beloved father
Joseph Jr. you know, I miss ya daddy
Wish I coulda talked to you, that day
I came over there to eat, when you passed
I hate that happened right, I remember times
We rolled in a Cadillac, came got me from school
I feel that it's real, you always gon be in my heart ha

(Hook x2: Marilyn)
You don't know, how bad I miss my daddy
Me and him, riding in his bounceville Caddy
Way down deep, inside it's hurting real badly
I know he's in heaven, and he's looking down at me

Mr. 3-2:
Bad times huh, and even the good
I could remember days, with us rolling through neighborhood
In the brown Caddy, me and my daddy
Me and him on, but now I'm feeling sadly
Six feet in the ground, and I'll never see him again
Until I'm in the sky, up in heaven
Man it hurts bad, me and my bad
I could remember days, me and you rolling in the 'Cad
One day here, the next day you gone
Man, I never thought I'd be doing a song like this
Love truly, from your son named Chris
Man, I'll never forget huh

Mr. 3-2:
How many times, can I say it
This song dedication, how many times will I play it
The tape, might break on me
But I'll never miss, my true homie
My dad my love, true that's for real
If you go down, and you know I'm gon live
Fulfill your dreams, and then make it to the top
Rise forever, me and you'll never be forgot
Huh my true love, number one
G-O-D, Mr. Christopher your son
One huh, that's what I would do
Mr. 3-2, and it's all for you

Mr. 3-2:
I would like to get through the day, I remember you use to say
Christopher, don't play
Me, 'cause I don't play no games
Huh, and don't say no names
But I'ma talk about, my only true love
Mr. 3-2, and you know I'm thinking of
My D-A-D, L-O-V to the E
Forever and eternity, that's right

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