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Mob Affiliated

This song is by Mr. 3-2 and appears on the album A Bad Azz Mixtape: V (2005).

(Feat. Playa Pat)

We mob affiliated, organized mind set
Focused, on the prize
These guys, need to get theyself in order
Mo' hits getting made, and we run for the border

Mr. 3-2:
Up's and down's, I'm tired of going through it
Day for day, the game I stay true to it
Niggaz switch like drawas, or snitch to the laws
To get a lesser sentence, so I can't trust y'all
But I ball, just like a broad
Stay in the kitchen, working the magic wand mob boss
Number one, keep licks on my phone
Break tricks for a living, yeah I keep they mind gone
I'm known on blocks in the hood, by G's
A-1 nigga, that fucked off enemies
I lead never follow, triple my dollars
Fall on your ass, motherfuckers don't holla
Streets gotta with my mind made up, no guessing
Don't get caught up in these streets, with no weapon
I'm repping, fo' mob seven fo' G.D.
So when you see me on sight, hoe you know it's on with me

Mr. 3-2:
Dub in they united, with some real made men
They live by the word, and never show a grin
That's a sin how I live it, my format righteous
Police, physically don't like us
Snipers on the roof, and they on the lookout
For any false move, toward the Boss of the South
In a drop, I still got work
3-65, my pockets never hurt
Do dirt when it's time, if you in violation
Me and my folk, out here money making
No faking, running bidness when it come to the mob
Keep a set of broad, when it's time to do the job
Oh Lord please watch over me, fo' real
On shaky ground, I pack that 4-5 steel
When a deal, with whoever cause you never can know
However shit go, when it come to the snow

Playa Pat:
Hustling like a motherfucker, still put in work
I'm from a block where niggaz bust guns, ain't scared to do dirt
So if it comes down to it, got gorillas to do it
I pack a 45 caliber, and bitch I'll use it
I keep it gangsta, I'm down by law that's on the G
That's why I keep on counting paper, while you niggaz tricking G's
Motherfuckers, y'all better get your shit together
I'm making moves with my fam, blowing dro in a Hummer
We keep it cracking, lights camera action don't get killed
Cross the mob motherfucker, guarantee your blood'll spill
On the real, I'm well connected, from shining Texas
Making moves with my folks, and I ain't talking to snitches
I gotta get it, work 24/7 I'm on a mission
If it ain't about dollars playboy, don't wanna hear it
Y'all tripping, I'm constantly moving cause time ticking
Paper chasing with the O.G.'s, Playa Pat keep it pimping that's real

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