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Now that you mention it, we're basically just fakes, created as likenesses
In order to avoid catching onto this right away, we live our false-bottomed lives

The feeling of cursing someone from their cheeks down to their diaphragm, wells

Up inside of me
Saying "I hate this ! "
I'm living my life today as something of a last resort

Carrying futility, with my dreams dangling, I take off to tomorrow, from the

Second floor
Even if I turn to ashes
Giving up is just starting over again, from the beginning
It's as though I don't hate myself anymore, oh oh oh
I'm going to believe in the lies that are ingrained into my body

How long of a pace should I go with ? First off, how far is it to get there ?
In the end, squeezing out advice about this and that, backfires on me

Woman have said "I love you"
It's the only substitute for exchanging those words with someone else
I realized this while removing the hook, I just continue to thrust my hips

Burdened with loneliness, connect me to love, as I take off from the second

Basement floor of the past
Like a hyena
I've stumbled and slipped, though by being cornered
I've managed to regain a little bit of my pride, oh oh oh
What I have in my hands is yet another fake

The plunging sound, the reflections in your eyes
I clear my mind, that had been blocked for awhile
What can you see ? Whose voice can you hear ?
Will you be able to hold me forever ?

Carrying futility, with my dreams dangling, I take off to tomorrow, from the

Second floor
I'm going to high jump
Being deceived is believing without learning a thing
If I can not be suspicious of everyone anymore, oh oh oh, if we can forgive each

On the day when I was embracing my cherished treasure
Even if it had suddenly been revealed to be a fake, oh oh oh
I would believe in the lies that are ground into the world
Everything is fake
And even that
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