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Blues for 333 Saints (2013)

Moussa Diallo - Blues for 333 Saints

Blues for 333 Saints

  1. Jigi Sèmè
  2. Black Night Blues In Timbuktu
  3. 333 Saints Blues
  4. I Yé Koko Kè
  5. Kibili Blues
  6. Tilé Bi Fè
  7. Sini
  8. Tchièkagni
  9. Anga Fara Niogonna
  10. Aujourd'hui

Other Songs

  1. Maninda

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1995 (Paris, France) Brought up in Bamako, Mali, currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Occupation: singer, composer
  • Instruments: Vocals, bass

Also known as:

Moussa Diallo Quartet

Years active:

since 1992

Moussa Diallo is a member of:

  • Anne Linnet & Marquis De Sade
  • Birds Of Beauty
  • The Savage Rose
  • Skunk Funk
  • Stig Møller Band

Moussa Diallo was a member of:

  • Sneakers


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