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Black Balloon

This song is by Monster Magnet and appears on the album Superjudge (1993).

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Hey man, what's your name?
I've seen your face always before
Tapped in to a cosmic fame
Got the gig I was looking for, yeah

Hungry, that's no drag
It's nothing that a trip won't cure
Completion is in that bag
Selfish crowd come back for more

Well, I reached in the bag for a new latitude
And all I got out was a black balloon
Was a black balloon

Hey babe, I'm out of the cage
Behind some glass miles away
So sue me for being too cool
I hate myself for wanting to play

Guess all I've got to say about karma's true
'Cause all I got left is a black balloon
Is a black balloon
Is a black balloon
Is a black balloon
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah


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