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The First Night (Remix)

This song is by Monica.

I should I should
Make a move, but I won't
I know you probably think something is wrong
Knew that it won't be right I wanna get down, but not the first night

Monica - Verse 1:
Saturday Night
Feeling kinda light
I wanna get close to you and let you call me your baby
Know it ain't right
It's just the first night
Sitting here looking and it's driving me crazy
Knew it was wrong for feeling this way
The thought of giving in on the first date
Couldn't let go it stayed on my mind
At the end of the night I had to decide
I was thinking...

Monica - Verse 2:
My body's telling me yes
You put me to the test
But I don't know how much longer I can keep my composure
Trying my best to deal with all of this
But at the same time I can feel us getting closer
Felt so right, but it felt so wrong
And look how we are carrying on
Trying to say things to get me to stay
But my watch is telling me it's getting too late
I'm thinking...

Tonight little kiss touch
We ain't gotta do all of that stuff
I'm just sitting here trying to chill with you
We ain't gotta rush
I just wanna ball with you
In and out the mall with you
Out of town on the phone all night call with you
Cheat Cheat
Baby I do my shit correct
You and me just met
You ain't supposed to be ready yet
Cause you don't know if I just want sex
And I don't know if you want my checks
Even though you probably expect for me to be kissing on your neck
Now Baby

If you show me yours
I'll show you mine
I see you get hot and I know it's time
At 69 we can draw the line
Or you could give me yours and I'll owe you mine
When I meet the girl
Creep the girl
I freak the girl, I please the girl
If you need the girl, man keep the girl
Better hope R.O.C. don't see the girl
If I should I should make a move
Make it smooth
Take her to that crib
Lay her back put her in a groove
Make her ah, make her ooh
Cause money come money go
So do a honey though
Love when they go "how low?"
Front, back, to the floor
Now keep on working that
Where Jersey at? Where Jersey at?

If you want me
You got to know me
And if you want my love you gotta wait my love
Baby that's the way it's got to be
Get to know me so we can do this

Repeat Chorus till the end

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