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Lesson Learned

This song is by Monica and appears on the album Still Standing (2010).

Lately we haven't had a chance to speak
'Cause you really ain't had no time for me
Maybe there's somewhere else you'd rather be
And I don't understand it at all
If I recall I gave you everything
But I can't remember one time you sacrificed for me
And I'm starting to feel like I'm losing myself
So I think that I'll just live with what's left

Why did you treat me like the girl on the side?
Why did you have to go and make me cry?
Boy tell me, you could have walked away
Rather than cause me pain
Baby I ain't really need it at all
And I can't make you love me, (so I ain't trying that)
You wont make a fool of me (so you can forget that)
But I will remain a lady that's how my mama raised me
Take the stripes that I've earned a lesson learned

Why did you have to go and lie to me?

When you were out there running in the streets
Well I'm tired calling your cellphone,
4 o'clock in the morning you pick it up and all I hear is ...
If I was too much woman all you had to say was
That you wasn't ready and I would've understood
Well let me calm down, why should I be mad when honestly it ain't something you're stressin' bout

Gave so many chances you blew it over again
Time and time I wonder why you put me after your friends?
You couldn't tell me the real? boy do you know how it feels?
When I call your phone and you don't call back?
I know you can't be for real uh uh
So I pack my bags
And ain't coming back
Treat me like I don't know you what part of the game is that?
Boy I ain't turning around this is no place for me to be
You never meant enough for me

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