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Media Cunt

This song is by Modern Life Is War and appears on the album Fever Hunting (2013).

Your greasy lips and your glassy eyes gave
You away. I suspected you've been infected
By the diseased discharge of the media
Cunt. So little room to exist between
The honest truth and a crippling worldview.
Decadent, begging for pleasure. Like a druggie
On a hamster wheel begging for forever.

I'm so sorry about you.

You used to say you wanna live with dignity
And die on your feet. I hate to see you
Retreat. It's too early to accept
Defeat. We're all standing on shaky ground
And my knees are trembling too. It doesn't
Mean I have to lie down. Nobody's dunce.
Nobody's fucking clown.

I'm so sorry about you,
I suspected you've been infected.
I'm so sorry about you.

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