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I'm Not Ready

This song is by Modern Life Is War and appears on the album Witness (2005).

In this life, there are no clean breaks
But starting again is a chance that you can take
I always thought that someday we would overcome the bad luck-
And from the burden, the gift would come
Maybe I shoulda known better
But I know we're coming closer to the end-
Of whatever this has been

When you're 16, you don't know what forever means
When you are 23, you couldn't be more sorry to say
That after all this growing up together all the good has gone away
Sometimes the boys that should be yours best friends become strangers with familiar faces
Don't tell me that it's all too far gone
That they weren't meant to live on
And don't let go!

I just don't want to have to pretend
If we're not in this together
If we're just stuck inside our own heads
And I'm sorry that it took me so long-
To find the words to write the song
That we can all still truly believe in-
But I truly believe that we can still start again

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