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By The Sea

This song is by Modern Life Is War and appears on the album My Love. My Way. (2003).

We were young, numb, and violent,
All at once!
We were always smashing glass but
It was never enough,
To make us feel okay

Are we normal boys?
Is this the normal way?
We've been dragging dead weight across Midwest towns,
Killing our times with our frowns

Alone in the crowd
(Four years down!)
Feeling torn and beaten down

Alone in the crowd
(Four years down!)
Our hearts were beating to this sound

Me and you;
We never got much sleep those nights
There was too much turmoil
Too deep inside!

Lost in the dark without our pride
There was a light at the end of that tunnel
(But we!) chose to shield our eyes

Could It be?
Are we seeing clearly for the (Very first time!)?
We've been to the edge and we know what it's like to wanna to die
And that's something we won't glorify
We'll leave those miserable times behind!

How far can I go?
I'm rising from the depths of my own hell!
I don't need another tragic tale,
I need the strength to
(Walk the other way!)

I (I) I (I)
I found conviction in my ever changing mind!
I (I) I (I)
I grew up tied down and bleeding on the inside!
I (I) I (I)
I know I was a victim of my own devices!
I (I) I (I)
I want to live to see a brand new life!

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