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Blind Are Breeding

This song is by Modern Life Is War and appears on the album Fever Hunting (2013).

Is this bitter disdain or just yearning?
Am I standing still or am I slowly turning?
Welcome me back and make the embrace warm.
'Cause I'm still screamin' at the same walls
I was screamin' at five years before.
Fight invisible enemies. Warriors without a war.
Our condition remains unchanged until there is
Something worth dying for... If you don't understand,
I understand. It's ok. If you don't understand,
I understand if you just walk away. Money blown.
Opportunities thrown out the windows of rented
Rooms. Nothing humbles the anger of youth like
A few more years of truth. I'm just as guilty
As anybody else. I know what's right, can't
Put desires on the shelf. I've got a list,
If you've got one you know, you never reach
The end... It just grows and grows.

The wise are panicked.
The blind are breeding.
Sing the kings and queens
Of broken dreaming.
The sadness lingers.
The bliss is fleeting.
Sing the king and queens of broken dreaming.

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