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The Heat Is On (Unreleased Version)

This song is by Mobb Deep and appears on the Mixtape Free Agents: The Murda Mixtape (2003).

(Verse 1: Poet)
That's my word, I'm motherfucking stressed
It seems like life's tryin' to put me through a test
'Cause every fuckin' day it's just gettin' worse
What's worse? Might go out, die hard and end up in a hearse
But no time to think about the consequences
The years in jail, fuck the death sentence
All I know is that I need mad cash in a flash
Befo' I gotta kill somebody ass
Might as well be in jail or dead
'Cause if you ain't gettin' paid then you ain't gettin' ahead (that's word nigga)
Sittin' in my room with the lights out thinkin'
I'm alive, but I ain't livin', I'm leakin'
I made my bed and I'ma lay in it
But I ain't gonna stay in it
I might start sprayin shit
I should've stayed in school, but that's a dead issue
Fuck a G.E.D., that's like toilet tissue
All my friends are hoodlums and hustlers
Runnin' with a bunch of stupid crazy motherfuckers
Niggaz fuckin' their money up, niggaz gettin' knocked
And jealous motherfuckers, they want the whole block
Though I could start flippin gettin' on a mission

But I need much more, no time for bullshittin'
Niggaz listen...

(Chorus: Godfather Don - repeat 2X)
The H-E-A-T- makes me crazy
I wanna bust somethin', figures, touch somethin'
The heat is on, got a niggaz blood rushin'
I wanna touch somethin', niggaz bust somethin'

(Verse 2: Prodigy)
Yo, all I know is guns, all I do is slug
I'd rather plug you with the heater than to have you front
My life revolves around the snub 4th
Stay gettin' those outside of New York
Bullets from the cornerstore, I'm bringin' home a arsen
Interstate 95 North to the Jackie Robinson
Watch out for D's in caprices in tauruses
Empire mistakes for cops, mad nervous
Back at home sell a few burners
Keep a miz and a seven mil for my personal
Walk with benevolence, holdin' twin fifths
380's in the whip, a mini-eagle for my chick
That nigga P is sick, I need a silencer connect, see me
Niggaz be lyin', tellin' stories, tell it walkin'
My nigga's into drugs and extortion
Knotty head for them niggaz on the nightshift pumpin'
The heat is on nigga...

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