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Shook Ones (Freestyle)

This song is by Mobb Deep and appears on the Mixtape Free Agents: The Murda Mixtape (2003).

{*Opening automatic gunfire courtesy DJ Whoo Kid*


Yo, as I look to the sky and ask God why he put me here

I know why {*GOD* to have you cowards shook {*DAMN* runnin' with fear

See that glare in my eyes and my focus clear (uh-huh)
I'm that head coach, benchin you rookies and fake players

Only spit, collector's edition shit

So in a few years it'll be ten times what you spent

When niggaz claim they movin that weight, knowin' they lyin'

My niggaz put more drugs on the block than Pfizer
All you niggaz on the dick, little secret admirers

Let it out... baby girl, don't be ashamed

When you shorty run the choo-choo train

Have her sippin the deuce-deuce dame, Mobb and the group remains

From the stain I was down for the game

Never went against grain, and never let a bitch borrow my chain

From day one, to the micro-pain

Up inside these veins is dat real nigga, ain't shit changed

Dem niggaz shook, cause ain't no such thing as halfway gangstas

Nigga got bumped and ain't look

Niggaz shook, cause ain't no such thing as halfway gangstas

Nigga got bumped and ain't look

Niggaz caught up in the gliss' and the glamour

And then got' sleep with the hammer, let somebody tell you different

And that ass will, die for (?) poor grammar (?)

Fuck around if you wanna, I don't think you coward heart got the stamina


I had (?) Claudette all tense (?), pussy sore for days

I'd rather, beat my dick than go the R. Kelly way

I'd take Felice for nine and a half weeks
Fill it back, pourin Henny on her ass cheeks

I fucked Missy in that Lamborghini

Give Foxy the ecstasy without the pill, see me
I give Alicia Keys quickie while she on tour

Nuttin' but +Gangsta Love+, then I take a flight home
I told Lice' she need to bark at me

So I can, kill her with the collar and the leash
Shit I got plans, I need to get in touch with Stacie Dash
'Cause she doesn't have a clue what she missin' over here

Scratch Jenny Lo' itch, whenever Ben ain't there
I have Whitney doin' lines off my dick, you hear?

Throw Trina big fattie in a wheelchair, fuck dreamin'

P and them is doin' this for real

{*God... damn!*

{*Mobb Deep album... comin' soon... pick it up*

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