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Quiet Storm (Remix)

This song is by Mobb Deep and appears on the album Murda Muzik (1999).

Featuring Lil' Kim

{*Rain and thunder in the background*}

In broad daylight get right...

Just been through it all man
Blood sweat and tears
Niggaz is dead and shit {*music fades in*}
What the fuck else can happen yo?
I don't think much more son, word to mother yo
We done seen it all, and been through it all yo
Let y'all niggaz know right now
Werd to mother, for real, for real

(Lil' Kim)
Queen Bee baby

That shit is the truth

(Lil' Kim)
Lil' Kim, B.I.G.

I'm not lyin'...
Yo... {*echoes*}
Blowin' niggaz wit rusty ass German things
Keepin' it thorough is our motherfuckin claim to fame
Throw on your wetsuit, when it rains, it pours and all
Hit 'em with the four
Don't even know him from a hole in the wall
Get at me, niggaz wanna clap me, snitches wanna rat me?
Put it right where they back be
Keep my Dunns close to me, enemies even closer
Sendin kites with the Motorolas, yo
Give 'em the cold shoulder with a hollow-tip to match
Bad apple outta the batch, obsessed with gats
Since a little dude, eatin niggaz food, buck-fifty's
Niggaz can kill me but they comin' wit me
How about that, send the Queen Bee to attack
Only a fly bitch like that can leave 'em and laugh
Rock 'em to sleep, make 'em think the drama is dead
Yo I smile up in your face though I'm plottin instead

(Lil' Kim)
Uh, uh

Chorus: Lil' Kim (repeat 2X)

Yo it's the real shit, shit to make you feel shit
Thump 'em in the club shit
Have you wildin out when you bump this (hip-hop *echoes*)
Drugs to your eardrum, the raw uncut
Have a nigga OD 'cause it's never enough

(Lil' Kim)
"Hot damn hoe, here we go again"
+Lyte as a Rock+ bitch, hard as a cock bitch
This shit knock for blocks through hardtops
In the parkin lots, where my nigga Rock like to spark-a-lot
My Brook-lyn style speak for itself
Like a wrestler, another notch under my belt
The embezzler, chrome treasurer
The U-N-O competitor, I'm ten steps ahead of ya
I'm a leader, y'all on some followin shit
Comin' in this game on some modelin shit
Bitches suck cock just to get to the top
I put a hundred percent, in every line I drop
It's the Q to the B, with the M-O, B-B
Queensbridge Brooklyn and we're D-double-E-P
What? Y'all wish I lived the life I live
Aiyyo Prodigy, tell 'em what this is Dunn
Uh, uh

Yo, I could never get enough of it, yo that's my shit
I need that shit, to boost my adrenaline
Yo rock that shit, that real life shit
Makes bitches wanna thug it, makes the projects love it
We come through like, "Fuck it"
Y'all want problems, pursue it, let's do it
Infamous Mobb bosses, check out the portrait
At the round table, my Dunn speakin' with his Twin ghost
It's gangsta how we rock, while you watch
Attracted to our style, this is how we get down
Wit big jewelry and big guns
We get busy, it get grizzly, beat niggaz bloody
Twist niggaz frontin, get to runnin'
'Fore the mens get to dumpin, the fans get to thumpin
M-O-B-B, got the whole spot jumpin'
When my niggaz step in the place
Damn, you gotta luv it

(Lil' Kim)
It's the real
Hah, it's the real baby, hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop...

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