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Matic Clips (Magic Stick Remix)

This song is by Mobb Deep.

Chorus: Havoc
I got the matic clips
I know if I can dump once, I can dump twice
I let the hammers spit
Hommie don't believe me, then act up tonight, and I'll show you matics (gunshots), automatics (gunshots)
I got the matic clips

Verse 1: Havoc
Nigga, beef I'ma draw, coward get close then I'm lettin' it raw
Them slugs touch ya dog, ya heart bound-ta stall
Feed em' hollow tips, I ain't playin' whitcha boy
Front if you want, get shot in the mornin', mornin'
Hammer cocked, sucker them slugs gonna touch ya
Never left my clips since son got hit
When I roll, I'm gonna pack, ain't no compromising bitch
Up under my coat, from my jeans with a string,
I'm gettin' it in, any club I attend (yeah)
And everything I love, coward front, gettin' smoked, I ain't playin' games keep thinkin' (ooh) it's a joke
Todays the day you gonna eat a slug
Hommie call the doctor right now cause you ain't gettin' up
I copped alotta guns, they just addin up
My black techs the hand-a death (ooh)

Verse 2: Prodigy
That nigga P not the sniper, but I shoot a nigga so good he bound to die 'cause,
When it comes to techs don't test my skills, bullets'l bend you over, put ya head at ya heels
Give bitches the chills, have em' payin' my bills, she want a thug bangin' her out, you niggas ain't real
If I ain't got the big 3 pound with the scope, I prolly got the pocket size 25 joint
Tonight we scheamin on this niggas home, he turn on the lights we be sittin' in the room
Niggas like me we a dangerous thing, we shoot anywhere, anytime, down for anything
Couple a bucks make a coward heart jump, these slugs in my gun do away with chumps
When the "mobb" come to the party, they petrifyed, it ain't the weed gettin' niggas paranoid for they lives

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