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Get Away

This song is by Mobb Deep and appears on the album Infamy (2001).

Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel I
Gotta (get away...)

From these streets like a fiend for
Crack, but pullin me back, this real
Got a nigga goin' (ooh) 'cause no mat-
Ter the drama the gossip my heart
Is the hood my dawg nigga's I rock
Wit (get away) 'Fore you get clapped
With the tongue with two loose have
Everybody on the corner goin' (ooh)
Holdin' they mouth shocked ass fu-
Ck how Havoc just aired that boy
Out (get away) and now there's
Blood on my Tims snitches callin
1-800 crime stoppers when they
See me they like (ooh) 'Cause they
Want that 'thousand dollars and
Not only that police will die to catch
A fuckin' collar. (get away) and
I'm outta here ain't no tellin' when
I'll be back get rid of this gat dawg
You know (ooh) I flew hell outta dodge
Nigga 'bout 'dis paper ain't no time to be
Sittin' behind bars. I gotta (get away)

I gotta get away but fuck that
Never let a nigga take me out
My zone if he tried and blown
They go ooh wit no remorse kid
It's the cold hearted Queens nigga
Grimey retarded. You know I gotta
Get away (repeat 2x)

Yeah yeah you niggas best
(Get away) 'cause I'm not playin'
I'm bangin' hammers on niggas
Put hands on that niggas life (ooh)
Just beat the shit out you I brawl
Like an animal your whole team'll
Scramble and (get away) When
We come through pushin them trucks
Bitches be pushin and shovin to look
At us they go (ooh) Yeah take a good
Look bitch this might be the last time
You see gangstas like this then (get away)
'Cause somebody bout to die and it's goin'
To be a stampede when them shots fly
Bdah!Bdah! (ooh) Rip that nigga you
Know R.I.P your soul just lift up and
(Get away) Uh huh yeah you outta
Here nigga I'll see you on the otha
Side bye nigga. (ooh) families cry
Rivers curtersy of my niggas we
Terrorize rappers but I gotta
(Get away)

Hook:(repeat 2x)

No doubt it's either me or you
Believe it dawg I know a nigga
Like you ain't got shit to lose (ooh)
But you walkin' that thin line I'm
Clappin you first time for a motha
Fuckin' tyrin (get away) And put it
Past me that ass would be bleedin
Somewhere like a human philiact
Exactly (ooh) Shut the fuck up
'Fore it's too late go wit your gut
You ain't a gangsta and yes you
Could get touched (get away) Saw
It before the Henny was talkin' wasn't
Him but you know the "9" stopped that
(Ooh) I swear these niggas like biches
Why's that? 'cause these niggas always
Layin on their back I gotta (get away)

Hook: 2x till fade

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