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Feel My Gat Blow

This song is by Mobb Deep.

(Aight, cool, *inhales* take a seat dunn)
(Uh, huh, word up uh huh uh huh)
(Step aside uh huh uh huh, fuckin' bitches uh huh uh huh)

Chorus (Havoc)
There that go, feel my gat blow (4x)

Rocket takes form, songs bring down the forum
Sedate niggas and relate towards em
Tech's/text marvel, Infamous cuttin' sole parcel
Ship a box to your local ragaposatory
Mind twirler, my disc course'll throw a nigga further
Off balance, expose your true colors
You ain't thugged out, I damn near fell out
Hearin y'all niggas run at the mouth

Yo, runnin' at the mouth, no-no
Put it back in replay, slow-mo, rollin' for dolo
Crash shit like a 9-8 brand new whip
Flash shit like dice from diamond district
Cock biscuits, live and dangerous, the risk shit
Son ya heard, are you listening?
Then stop bitchin, 'cause the gun pay, put me down get made
Get bent as hell, talk shit get laid

There that go, two weeks
Either wit your dick or wit the fifth
I spit flames at him quicker than I forgive
Put your life on it, Mobb niggas holdin' shit
Down for the cause, respect the I-M-D, or take a L
Respect my QB rep, and not yours yo
Move them niggas aside and take force dunn
You can't hold us, security can't control us
Comin' out the venue toe up, what

Bone your chick, push whips, invest shit
If I wreck shit, cop the next shit then make a right on red
Handle business, do shit confuse the feds
Never lose my head, push your wig instead
Rapper Noyd at my side so that set your bed
Fuck it, I'm shiesty yo there's kids to be fed
Little dunn-dunn's got me goin' hard for the lump sum
Bite the hand that feed you and I let you know how we do

Chorus until fade

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