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Came Up

This song is by Mobb Deep and appears on the Mixtape Free Agents: The Murda Mixtape (2003).

Bang your head, squeeze the four to this
Get bent, bag a whore to this - good girl, metamorphise it
That's you? Oh my bad, little shorty a freak
Now nigga come up off of it
I don't fight over hoes but I kill for my dough
That's right nigga know where my morals is
We can take it to the street, homey I don't give a fuck
Corporate, nigga shoot up them offices
Either step your game up or forfeit
Nigga never had it, I don't know how he lost it
Keep, fuckin' with Hav', have them ladies on your block
Lookin' at you on the floor like, "poor kid"
'Cause I bring it to the doorstep, 'ready know the layout
Think, not that, and some more shit
It's called backshot talk, you don't know nuttin 'bout it
Cause you can no longer hit it

(Chorus: Mobb Deep - repeat 2X)
Niggaz better step they game up (step it up)
Bitches better step that game up (step it up)
I don't give a fuck and you know I don't give a fuck
Niggaz just made 'cause I came up

Aiyyo yo
If songs is ammo, then we got endless bullets
Take you to war with rap and you definitely losin
Our chorus is like a 50 cal slug
One verse is like a +Cannonball+, +RUN+ - too late you threw it
These beats is like landmines, one step KABOOM
It's body parts all over the room 'n' shit
Albums is like time bombs, our shits blow up
It's chemical warfare, we spread through the hood son
And attack the nervous system
Make niggaz bop they head and turn that shit up
Make the ladies panties wet, you know we get 'em
Hot and bothered, girl I have that oyster drippin
On stage flippin, catch us on tour
Slowly but surely takin' over the world
And come back home with paper in colors you never seen
But at the money exchange, it all turn green

Woo! Oh man! Shit
Remember this? (No doubt, no doubt)
(That's what the fuck I'm talkin' about)

"The bad has been playin" (been doin' this shit here man)
"That song all night" (constantly baby)
"And now is the time baby.."
... To turn out your lights
A rap for you faggot-ass niggaz
(Yo son, c'mon man)

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