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Cabretta (1977)

Mink Deville - Cabretta


  1. Venus Of Avenue D
  2. Little Girl
  3. One Way Street
  4. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
  5. Gunslinger
  6. Can't Do Without It
  7. Cadillac Walk
  8. Spanish Stroll
  9. She's So Tough
  10. Party Girls

Return To Magenta (1978)

Mink DeVille - Return To Magenta

Return To Magenta

  1. Guardian Angel
  2. Soul Twist
  3. "A" Train Lady
  4. Rolene
  5. Desperate Days
  6. Just Your Friends
  7. Steady Drivin' Man
  8. Easy Slider
  9. I Broke That Promise
  10. Confidence To Kill

Le Chat Bleu (1980)

Mink DeVille - Le Chat Bleu

Le Chat Bleu

  1. This Must Be The Night
  2. Savoir Faire
  3. That World Outside
  4. Slow Drain
  5. You Just Keep Holding On
  6. Lipstick Traces
  7. Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
  8. Turn You Every Way But Loose
  9. Bad Boy
  10. Heaven Stood Still

Coup De Grace (1981)

Mink DeVille - Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace

  1. Just Give Me One Good Reason
  2. Help Me Make It (Power Of A Woman's Love)
  3. Maybe Tomorrow
  4. Teardrops Must Fall
  5. You Better Move On
  6. Love & Emotion
  7. So In Love Are We
  8. Love Me Like You Did Before
  9. She Was Made In Heaven
  10. End Of The Line

Where Angels Fear To Tread (1983)

Mink DeVille - Where Angels Fear To Tread

Where Angels Fear To Tread

  1. Each Word's A Beat Of My Heart
  2. River Of Tears
  3. Demasiado Corazón (Too Much Heart)
  4. Lilly's Daddy's Cadillac
  5. Around The Corner
  6. Pick Up The Pieces
  7. Love's Got A Hold On Me
  8. Keep Your Monkey Away From My Door
  9. Are You Lonely Tonight?
  10. Moonlight Let Me Down

Sportin' Life (1985)

Mink DeVille - Sportin' Life

Sportin' Life

  1. In The Heart Of The City
  2. I Must Be Dreaming
  3. Italian Shoes
  4. Slip Away
  5. When You Walk My Way
  6. A Woman's Touch
  7. Easy Street
  8. Little By Little
  9. There's No Living (Without Your Loving)
  10. Something Beautiful Dying

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