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[ti:souvenir (feat. Hemlock Ernst)]
[al:so the flies don't come]

[00:06.80]It's the lazy theologian
[00:08.63]The clumsiest poet
[00:09.72]Stumbling through the poplar grove
[00:11.43]And doesn't even notice
[00:13.00]Though his toes bled a little
[00:14.60]The bathroom's a sacred space
[00:16.17]If faith is under the left nipple
[00:19.12]That's the king, no Martin Luther
[00:20.84]You might have seen him riding on a, green Markham scooter
[00:23.87]Clutching a Hewlett Packard computer
[00:25.99]Indeed, he's ageless like Treva Throneberry
[00:28.65]I don't worship Norse gods or stone fairies
[00:31.57]At home on a cracked iPhone
[00:33.77]Alone and hairy, casting post-modernist abra cadabra
[00:37.24]It starts like this
[00:38.77]Dum dum dum dum doo (I don't know)
[00:44.12]I thought they might have killed me
[00:45.82]So I read the Hagakure
[00:47.36]On a very long drive
[00:48.77]From Chicago to here
[00:50.45]Holding viking spears
[00:52.06]And I cried a lot of tears
[00:53.53]But you know I kept an ox bow lake
[00:55.68]In my thoughtful cave
[00:57.07]And we both thought in gray
[00:58.81]Or shades
[00:59.79]Maybe even monochrome
[01:01.36]This monotone is great
[01:02.70]To the monotony
[01:03.91]Sought it's own philosophy
[01:05.29]To justify the dimples in its face (in its face?)
[01:08.96]So we made a couple sticker packs
[01:10.71]And pretended we didn't hear
[01:12.02]When white fans said "nigger" fast
[01:14.59]Ummm, there's pollo in this menudo
[01:17.05]I'm the newest fellow in this group though
[01:18.65]And they're all feasting on my naïveté
[01:21.56]I guess it's picture day
[01:23.20]I guess it's pizza day
[01:24.66]If purity of heart is to will only one thing
[01:26.89]Then you have some explaining to do
[01:29.63]I can rap like the Afghan
[01:31.31]I can rap like my last name was "Blackman"
[01:34.12]I can rap like the son of Mike Ladd
[01:36.47]Let me take out a full-page Vice ad
[01:38.49]That supposes it might ask
[01:40.09]If underground hip-hop was just one tight fad
[01:43.40]This is an all-seeing-eye eye patch, if I might add
[01:52.42]Got many styles
[01:54.03]This time just tryin' to follow Milo
[01:56.11]These days, most the time
[01:57.65]I'm chillin' in the hollow
[01:59.61]The sea slacks
[02:01.28]Back in high school I wanted to be abstract
[02:03.63]Not like Q, but pretty cool
[02:05.45]In my heart
[02:06.51]Was always more Busy Bee than Moe Dee
[02:08.72]Lunch line headsets had me thinking yoghurt backwards
[02:11.65]Plug in the bathysphere
[02:13.19]Lake Champlain is crystal clear
[02:14.72]I owe it to myself to speak free
[02:17.37]Kelly brought me green tea ice cream
[02:19.41]I could never forget
[02:20.99]Eating sushi off ten dollars
[02:22.47]Feeling rich
[02:23.47]That was '06
[02:24.97]Then I wrote a lot of mean shit
[02:26.40]But only got love in my heart
[02:28.32]To go along with all them sad ships
[02:30.24]That never came
[02:31.72]But that's just life
[02:32.82]And life is strange
[02:33.67]How do you change the way you change the way you feel?
[02:36.24]Rain to wash the window clear
[02:37.63]Wipe away constellation atmosphere
[02:40.62]Blue lagoon, my isolation
[02:42.66]Now I'm paper plane folding
[02:44.25]Myself into a fortune
[02:45.70]Hoping some missing ocean will find some luck
[02:48.86]Met Brother Question once
[02:50.84]Life in a fish bowl leaves me floating in the punch
[02:53.75]Just trying to stay sober
[02:55.25]Never read the Hagakure
[02:56.74]Think you'd loan me a copy?
[02:58.50]I'm still stuck on Murakami
[02:59.91]Calvino looming
[03:01.25]Looking down from vistas coolly
[03:02.96]Through open windows moving
[03:04.37]Grass on sand patch, move
[03:05.79]Swathed by red clouds, see dead sounds
[03:07.68]Dead sea snails - circling metamorphosis
[03:10.73]Circling dumbly lit intellectual grumbling
[03:13.34]Circling humbly
[03:14.53]Numbly picked from keypad
[03:15.87]Like Cabbage Patch Kids
[03:17.02]Picked from key-latch
[03:18.33]Dream Lee's sagged denim logo tags
[03:20.72]Wondering sullenly
[03:22.21]Will Tiger ever recover comfortably
[03:24.21]Hang heroes' heads on pillows eve
[03:26.27]Makes more humans relate
[03:28.01]Makes more human mistakes
[03:29.65]My humanity places head next to dinner plate
[03:32.07]Eat myself
[03:33.50]Without feeding myself
[03:34.70]Sometimes retreating inside cell walls
[03:36.63]The band simply plays on
[03:38.54]Sitting, wishing you were here
[03:40.30]Next time you're gone
[03:41.42]Just remember to buy yourself a souvenir
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