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This song is by Mili and appears on the album Mag Mell (2014).

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Step through the gate into Utopia
Sink into a world of Melodia
Black lace
Euphoberia hurries away
Tiny legs
Leaves behind a track of cardioid
Twisted creation
Phosphorescent apparition
Heart disorientation
Merry go 'round and around
Misery go 'round and around
Quandary go 'round and around
Merry go 'round and around
Time doesn't stop
Prepare your doubts
Eat them up
Quaff down
The pus of thoughts
Red sand flows out
Sweet mouth
The sky is painted in Lunacia
Florets slashed open the vein of tears
There is no escape, my dear
The world undergoes Photosynthesia
Transform endless anger to Ecstasia
Connect your nerves
To the system of Philosophiofantasia

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