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Red Dahlia

This song is by Mili and appears on the album Miracle Milk (2016).

Hey doctor, take my temperature
Think I've got a fever

Why doctor, you make me feel worse
Your touch raises my pressure

Blooms, it blooms
The seed that you left inside
It blooms, no need for air or sunlight
It blooms, with my blood it stays alive
It blooms and blooms and blooms

My soil is spread
Before your eyes
Look at me
Don't you see
Your dahlia has flowered

Blooms, it blooms
The secret garden serenades
Florets turn bright red

Lulila lila lulila
Smile at me, smile at me endlessly

Separate me in half
So the doctor can stitch me back up again
Separate me in half
Prosper, my dear dahlia

Blooms, it blooms
The dahlia blooms
It blooms, it blooms
The dahlia withers and droops
Then blooms and blooms
Forever it blooms
And dies
And blooms
Silently it blooms

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