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Imagined Flight

This song is by Mili and appears on the album Mag Mell (2014).

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Luêtrè cois celiou tarnei

Traisa traisa jeaun ponlluêt

Dream inside another dream
Loon tata tila loon tata
Good morning
Rewind your clockwork mainspring
Unite yourselves as one
For the good of everyone

Under the sky is where you belong
Accept, comply
Limitations of life

Defying gravity
Launch into universe
At escape velocity
Over and over
The dream I see
Loon tata tila loon tata...

Swing through debris and waste
Float nonstop
Explore in milkyway
Tata ta talata loon tata ta loon talila

Starting from thousands light years ago
You've only been building air castles
Arcturus, Spica, Cor Caroli, Denebola
That will be our diamond ring
Outer space ceremony
Know that my love is present
Even when I'm not
With this ring
I thee wed
I give unto you
From this day until forever done
The bells go donchanchan donchanchan don
Ring donchanchan dochanchan don

Imagine you can fly
Take all the universes under your control
Imagine you can fight
Imagine you're alive
Imagine you can

Tuli tatita...

Though you don't have to fly
To take all the universes under your control
And you don't have to fight
Imagine you can fly
Imagine you can fly

Les kuêssei toun pallion
Cere nounou tuêllei
Uis le tuê umberajait
Cere nounou tuo coiyè

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