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This song is by Mili and appears on the album Miracle Milk (2016).

Sparkling water connected to the sky
And your hair goes free
Dancing in the sea breeze
Your eyes are sapphires

Messages inside my heart-shaped bottle
Poem out of thousand words
Tender desires

One, two, three, follow me
Four, five, six, atras
Take my hand

Spin and spin, forget all your worries
Spin and spin, forget your identity
Step on my shoulders
Do you see the new lovely, lonely, empty
Heavenly world?

Captivating, hypnotizing, fascinating utopia

Set your sails
Age of discovery
Godspeed into your dreams
Topaz cannons, jasper shells, amethyst submarines

Sinking spaceship falls out into the sky
And your life goes free
Dancing in vacuity
Your tears are rubies

Alexandrite, rhodochrosite
Tiger's eye, jade

Bursting in the sky
Shimmering twilight
Galaxies ignite
Stars shall never rise

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