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星見る頃を過ぎても (Hoshi miru koro o sugite mo)

This song is by Mili and appears on the split album H△G×Mili (2013) by H△G and Mili and on the album Miracle Milk (2016).

This song is a remix of "星見る頃を過ぎても" by H△G.
The Japanese title of this song is "星見る頃を過ぎても". This is read as "Hoshi miru koro o sugite mo" and means "Past the Stargazing Season".
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Song of the Day
April 21, 2017
Goodbye, goodbye
Oh baby, goodbye, goodbye
No matter how many words we have to define

Goodbye, goodbye
Oh darling, goodnight, goodnight
No matter how many times, it's just not right

Empty sky
I'm alone with no one nearby
But our memories ignite the passion that keeps us both alive
Invite us to the beautiful star sight
Our hearts unite

It's your consideration
Your patience, dedication
Devotion, action, forbearance that keep me flying high
Compassion, reinforcement
Encouragement, conviction
You are the star in my eyes
Acceptance, recognition
Assurance, absolution
Even your existence takes the burden off my mind
Allow me to fight by your side

I love you so
Oh baby, my emotions flow
No matter how many failures, how much sorrow

I love you so
Oh darling, I just love you so
No matter how many times I have to follow

Pretty sky
I'm stargazing with you nearby
And our memories ignite the passion that keeps us both alive
Invite us to the beautiful star sight
Our souls unite

We've walked through every season
The winter snow, summer wind
Memories of what happened leave me little butterflies
My eyes went close and open
And captured every moment
Your smiles are always bright
I'm glad to have such fortune
Don't make this an illusion
There are still so many versions of the night sky we both liked
I want to stay by your side

On a cloudy night
Just you and I
You're so close by
Yet so far from my life
The way you smiled
The way you cried
Oh baby there's no such thing
Forever's just a saying
There's nothing I can decide

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